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Make Your Home Beautiful By Mixing Wood Furniture and Wood Flooring

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Solid wood makes the best choice for both furniture and flooring. There are many types of furniture available in the market these days like handmade rustic furniture that can make your room look beautiful. If you love the look of wood, then you can have wooden furniture and wooden flooring in the same room. But, to make it look more elegant,it is better to keep in mind a few decorating tips:

1. Use different wood finishes for furniture and floor

Try making the wooden floor different from furniture. This is because if the furniture and floor bend together, it will make space look boring. You can use different finishes of wood to tackle this problem. Not only this, you can use rugs so that your wooden furniture stand out from the floor.

2. Use a limited number of wood types

You can mix various types of wood types, but using two or three different finishes is a good idea. A room can usually handle just two-three finishes and do more than that will not look appropriate. You can pick up one wood to be the dominant color in the room and can use other colors more sparingly.

3. Use Different Wood Species

Each tree produces wood of a different type and has a different natural color. Also, if you plan to stain the wood you will find that different species of wood stain differently. For example, if you use the same stain on two different pieces of modern farmhouse furniture there will be no guarantee that they both will look same. The wood’s grain is also affected by the tree species.

4. Look for Unifying Trait

Find a trait that all the different woods in a room can share. Shared undertone is very popular. Woods sharing similar undertone looks best together. Try keeping the various woods in a similar color family like warm blond furniture with reddish floors. This way, you can easily make your room look fabulous.

5.Create Balance

You should spread the different wood colors out as it will make your room look good. To create a strong focal point, you should use one piece with an entirely different wood finish. Also try creating a visual balance in many other ways like using the same color in curtains, rugs and handmade home decor items.

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