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How To Choose The Perfect Wood Type For Your Furniture?

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It's good to have options, but when you have too many options, it becomes hard to read between the lines. Yes, same is the case with Handmade Rustic Furniture. Having options is not a bad thing all we are saying is how do you choose the perfect wood type for your dream furniture when you come across endless possibilities?

Well, you need not worry!

We are here to counter your questions, We'll tell you the HOW of everything, and for that, you need to ask yourselves the questions mentioned below.

These are fun questions - the ones related to what your finished Handmade Rustic Furniture will look like.

Most of the decisions that you make are about personal preferences? For instance: Which color? How large? Which style?

To narrow down the options, ask yourself these questions:

What's My Budget?

Some woods cost more than others. Take our Aperto Brown Handmade Nightstand End Table With Open Shelf as an example. Prices start at $449.99 for reclaimed wood. For clear alder, the opening price goes up to $1250. Moreover, the starting price for hard maple, red oak, and hickory is $1495. Black walnut is the most pricey, starting at $1750.

If you’re on a strict budget and want a dark-colored wood, you will apparently not want to go with black walnut. Instead, you might opt for a less fancy wood finished with a dark walnut stain. Click here to see Zallzo's collection and get a better idea of exactly how much the table and woods you are looking at would cost.

What Texture Do I Want?

The texture is partly determined by the wood type and partly determined by the finish. The wood type you choose determines what the grain will look like. Softwoods, like pine, don’t have a very pronounced wood grain and there will be visible knots. Hardwoods like alder, oak, hickory, maple, and walnut offer a more striking wood-grain. If you want more visible knots in a hardwood, choose knotty alder.

You can perceive all our woods with a glossy finish (though pine tables will have grooves within the boards). If you need a rough, rustic texture, you have two choices. You can either choose pine Handmade Rustic Furniture as your wood or have us distress the wood.

For rustic pine, we lightly sand to prevent splintering, but don’t remove the natural rough texture and saw marks to create a more authentically rustic look.

Which Color Would I Like?

The natural colors of woods vary, and you can also customize the color of most woods with stains. We offer four options:

1.Special walnut stain,

2.Natural color with a bright finish,

3.Dark or Black walnut stain, and

4.Ebony stain.

The only woods we don’t stain are hickory and walnut. They are just too beautiful in color! You can see the collection of handmade tables or furniture on our site to have a complete idea.

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