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Modern Farmhouse Furniture Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

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Known for its warmth and simplicity, Modern Farmhouse Furniture has been steadily growing in popularity. Moreover, the combination of the cozy farmhouse aesthetic with the clean lines of contemporary design, modern farmhouse style offers a fresh take on country-inspired design.

Holding a specific level of sophistication, modern farmhouse style grasps vintage and traditional accessories yet at the same time keeps them to a base. It is trending because of a bit of a turn away from the starkness of minimalism, and a desire to return to simpler times when the world feels overwhelming.

As more and more people embrace the style, we figured we should give some tips on Modern Farmhouse Furniture that will make your life better.

Let's get it started!

Begin Neutral: Farmhouse-style has its roots in the country where farmers didn’t have access to the wide array of paint color options we do now. Because of this, the base of modern farmhouse style is a neutral color palette. White, cream, beige, and gray are all an excellent place to start when putting together the palette for your space. You can add some bolder colors as accents, but the overall color scheme should be neutral and light. Earth-tones work best for adding more color. Layer in natural wood tones to complete the look.

Get the Wood: Talking about wood; a major aspect of modern farmhouse style is the use of wood. Wooden floors and other architectural details enable the space to feel more connected to the outdoors.

Most of the authentic farmhouse locations are likely to have “exposed wooden beams.” If you are unable to design that element, there are still plenty of other shots for adding wood. The classic Rustic Wood Furniture is the best way to inject your home space with the natural beauty of wood. Handmade rustic tables and benches are also a trending modern farmhouse accessory.

If you can breakthrough vintage pieces or furniture made from reclaimed wood that suits your need for the look of weathered wood will downright the modern farmhouse aesthetic. If not, the wood you do bring up into the home will age and make the interior look even better over time.

Load Up on Rustic Charm: Vintage-style interior decoration is a must for modern farmhouse style. Now is the time to go online and hit up all those flea industry, thrift stores, and antique shops to find the perfect rustic pieces. When we talk about farmhouse furniture, everything is a little rough around the edges so keep this in mind when searching for vintage finds.

If it’s a little beat up or worn down that just adds to the charm. As long as a piece is still structurally sound a little wear and tear shouldn’t persuade you from including something in your modern farmhouse space.

Things in a modern farmhouse interior should look well-used and loved. Chalkboards also work well with the rustic aesthetic. Just make sure not to overdo the accessories - you still want your room to have space to breathe.

Add The Magic Of Industrial: Farms are full of machinery, and therefore, the magic of industrial style is entirely appropriate to modern farmhouse interiors. A set of industrial custom chairs or tables or stools for your Kitchen Home Decor or dining area will complement the rustic woods and neutral tones in the rest of the space.

Moreover, industrial style pendants and lighting are a great way to inject some industrial into the decor. Utilitarian and candid types of pendants are enjoyed by both modernists and farmhouse style fans, meaning they are perfect for the modern farmhouse. The sleek quality of metals will help accent the rougher natural texture of whatever wood is around.

The modern farmhouse style is becoming so popular because it combines all the charm of rustic, country style with modern, more streamlined sensibilities. Incredibly flexible, it’s a style that allows you to express personality a bit easier than some other styles and makes room for displaying beloved vintage and antique pieces. Since an actual farmhouse is out of many people’s reach (and desires), perhaps best of all and you don’t have to actually live on a farm to enjoy and employ modern farmhouse style.

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